The only real hyper-deflationary coin in the market, provides an hourly steady 10% reward to coin holders on any transaction either buy or sell in a form of BNB Binance native token considered as one of the most liquid tokens in the entire market. No staking, farming or lock-up period are required, the hourly rewards will be deposited directly into your wallet address automatically.


Very limited selection from our regular collections



*Set Slippage 12%*



Dogecoin Labs firmly secured financing for disigning & producing the amount of 8 million NFT art collectibles & variety of Metaverse games & applications . the NFT unique art collectibles will be designed & produced globally by renowned art artist , In the process to obtain such magnitude funding, Dogecoin Labs has locked in a special segragate account 80% of the entire outstanding coins supply . At this time, Dogecoin Labs has completed designing of 900,000 NFT art collectibles and anticipates to produce annually up to 1,200,000 NFT unique art collectibles . The entire proceeds from the NFT collectibles sale, the 10% royalty payment due and licensing of Metaverse products will be applied to further explore business opportunities and special distribution to coin holders in the form of spin-off newly created public divisions and NFT art collectibles Airdrops.


Under the issuer strict protocol and the smart contract functionality , no additional coins can be issued indefenant, the entire initial issued coins have been paid in full Once every calendar year , the issuer will provide a verified statement to confirm that the amount of art collectibles dreposited and hosted in a form of IPFS files with well known and trusted hosting provider 

*Set Slippage 12%*

Redistributions To Coin Holders In BNB Tokens 10%
Liquidity 2%

Marketing 4%

Roadmap for the coming months

We have targeted roadmap to achieve our ultimate goals producing 800,000 annually nft collectibles and variety of metaverse games & applications

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


Wallets are limited to 10% of the total available supply and still encourage buying as we attain larger market caps


DOGELABS is an auto-deflationary token that reduces the supply with every buy and sell transaction. This increases value by decreasing supply over time.


Bots are certain to get REKT. Do not buy any contracts prior to official announcements in Twitter.

How to buy

Contract Address



Download Metamask

From The App Store or Google Play Store, for free. Or add the desktop browser extension on Google Chrome by going to

Follow their easy steps
from their guide to set
up a wallet.

When Metamask asks for your signature go ahead and click sign.


Send BNB to Metamask

You can buy BNB directly through Metamask or
you can transfer some
from another wallet
or crypto exchange.
You can follow tutorials
on Youtube if you get 
stuck on this step.


MetamaskConnect to Pancakeswap

Go to via
a desktop browser or inside your Metamask wallet tap the three blue lines at the top left of your screen to reveal your browser.

When Metamask asks for your signature go ahead and click sign.



Swap your BNB for DOGELABS

Go to via
a desktop browser or inside your Metamask wallet.
Or click here.

Click the cog button and change the “Slippage” amount to 12-15%. Add your desired BNB amount you’d like to swap, once you’re happy click the “Swap” button
to finalize the trade. 

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